With the global population rising, the need for sustainable and resource-efficiently produced proteins with nutritional and health promoting qualities has become urgent. Moving up fast in the field of nutritional evaluation is necessary to be able to create the human diet of tomorrow. Here at GUTS B.V., we believe this is a call for change.

Driven by the need to enhance clinical predictivity, we move from standard in vitro assesment to model with a closer physiological resamblance. Together with the global desire of reducing, refining and replacing animal experimentation, we created a safe, animal-free 3D platform suitable for screening and evaluation of novel food proteins.

Moreover, we shift from traditional “bargraph” analysis to a more holistic approach in data analysis and integration of information gained from our model. A direct comparison of candidate source with the well-studied, established protein sources allows us to understand the nutritional potential of a dietary protein in an early stage.